Kitec Pipe Removal: From Start to Final Finishes


Dust Prevention

Our team begins by covering your unit to protect your belongings from dust. We care about you and your neighbours and take measures to prevent the spread of dirt and limit inconvenience. We open small holes in your tiles or drywall to create minimal intrusion.

small hole

Kitec plumbing replacement

Our skilled and experienced plumbers replace all Kitec fittings and pipes in your unit with Uponor or copper - you decide! After installation, pipes and fittings are tested to ensure that there are no leaks. All of our plumbers are Uponor-trained, meaning that you also get a 30 year warranty with pipe installation.


Repairs after plumbing

Experienced tilers, tapers and painters will repair the walls and tiles in each area of your home right after the plumbers' work is complete. We use colour-matching technology to ensure that the paint finish after repairs is the exact same as before.


Final cleaning after Kitec replacement

When all the piping replacement and drywall work is complete, our team gives your home one final thorough clean. When we leave, you won't be able to tell that we were ever even there.  Upon request, we can also offer Engineer Certificates from an independent engineering firm.

Photos of work